Feb 272012

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Hopa Tropa Kukerica

An Authentic Celebration of Bulgarian Culture at the Masonic Theater located in Old Town Alexandria on April 1, 2012

(Photo by Valentin Radev)

Under the patronage of the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria, Ambassador Theater celebrates the rich traditions of Bulgaria with the second installment of an interactive show that will delight both children and adults – Hopa Tropa Kukerica! A whirling masquerade of puppetry, folk objects, song, dance, and food to bring out the fun loving fool in all of us!

In renowned Bulgarian director Lilia Slavova’s original, improvisational exhibition of Bulgarian culture, ordinary objects come to life with the touch of an imaginative family. As they dance through the world of the Kukeri, the audience can sing along and join the fun, in Bulgarian and English! With music arranged by Bulgarian musician and composer Petko Kolev and choreography by well known Bulgarian dancer and choreographer, Ivan Dimitrov, set design by Bulgarian artist Antonio Petrov and puppets by Master Puppeteer Julia Tasheva.

What began as an idea to continue with Ambassador Theater’s mission  to highlight international cultures and bring them to the DC area, has  expanded into a multi-act production featuring the added talents  of Orfeia, Svitanya, and the St. Kliment Okhridski Bulgarian  School. Under the direction of its founder, internationally renowned  singer Tatiana Sarbinska, Orfeia has earned its reputation as a top  vocal ensemble and preserver of Eastern European musical  traditions. With compositions that range in age from

(Photo by Edwin Remsberg)

brand new to generations of song, Svitanya brings unending enthusiasm to every  performance. After enjoying this artistic feast, everyone will be  invited to the dining area of the Masonic theater to sample

traditional foods provided by the Bulgarian Community Center. Finally, anyone who is not weighed down by food will have the chance to take a workshop with the staff and cast of Hopa Tropa Kukerica to learn some of the traditional puppetry skills and dances from the show!

The Masonic Theater at the George Washington Masonic Memorial in Old Town, Alexandria VA

101 Callahan Drive Alexandria, VA 22301

Events of April 1st, in thanks to the patronage of the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria:

11:30 AM and 2:00 PM – Hopa Tropa Kukerica

12:30 PM and 3:00 PM – Playing with Kukerica, a workshop for all ages

Photo credit: Joyce Billie

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Feb 202012

“The Madman and the Nun” Witkacy Theatre Ambassador

The Ambassador Theatre in Washington took place on Thursday evening (U.S. time) premiere of “The Madman and the Nun” by Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz, one of the most popular works of Polish precursor theater of the absurd.

Presentation in translation directed by Daniel Gerould Bondarewska Hanna – artistic director of the theater. The play takes place in a psychiatric hospital. The hero is locked in the young poet Mieczyslaw Walpurg (in English translation of the name was changed to Alexander), who tries to escape with a beautiful nun.

The surreal comedy-drama written by Witkacy in 1923 was interpreted as a metaphor for the conflict with an oppressive society, individuals.

Present at the premiere of Daniel Gerould, Professor of New York City University of New York (CUNY), one of the most prominent specialists in the world Witkacy, staging boasted in an interview with PAP.

“It’s good that the director did not, as archaic art-historical, but with references to the present, referring to the sensitivity of today’s audience” – said the critic.

Performing “The Madman and the Nun” in the Ambassador Theatre will take place six times a week to 18 December inclusive.

The premiere was preceded by an evening dedicated to the art of Witkacy at the Kosciuszko Foundation in Washington with the participation of a professor of literature from Washington University. George Mason, Mark Rudnicki. He delivered a lecture on Polish dramaturgu.

From Washington Tomasz Zalewski (PAP)