Oct 212009


Hopa Tropa! What is that you ask? It is the latest production written and directed by Bulgarian playwright Lilia Slavova, as part of the Kids Euro Festival taking place in Washington DC. Primarily aimed at children, this show is an experience for audience members of all ages. The show is an exciting look into Bulgarian culture and folklore performed through song, dance, and puppetry. . . .  The puppetry was an element of the show that shone completely on its own. Julia Tasheva . . . Master Puppeteer led her fellow actors in creating an amazing array of characters. Unlike any form of puppetry I’ve ever seen, all four of the actors worked together using various objects such as wooden spoons, gourds and blankets to transform them into a single puppet. One actor would be controlling the hands, the other the foot, another the head, and all the while moving as one. . . . Alex Vernon gave an energetic performance and was given a chance to display his improvisational and comedic chops when he voiced one of the puppets and interacted with the children. Ben Gibson gave a charismatic performance, playing clumsy and cute. Sarah Olmsted Thomas also gave a very charismatic performance….

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