Jun 012013

Washington, DC, May 31, 2013

–For immediate release—

Contact: Hanna Bondarewska
(703) 475-4036
or Rachel Silvert

Ambassador Theate­­­­­r Presents

US Premiere of

The Third Breast

Obsession, power, sex and love….an intriguing story with a twist …

By Ireneusz Iredyński

Translated by Sylvia Daneel

Directed by Hanna Bondarewska

Set Designed by Antonio Petrov

Costumes by Sigrid Johannesdottir

Music & Sound Design by Paul Oehlers

Asst. Sound/Visual Effect by George Gordon

Stage Mng. Rachel Silvert

Sissel Bakken
as Eva

Christopher Henley as Thomas

Matthew Ingraham as George



Mead Theater Lab at Flashpoint

916 G Street NW, Washington DC

July 10– August 4, 2013

TICKETS: $20 – $40

On line: http://www.aticc.org/home/box-office

For mature audiences

Media: Please e-mail or call to reserve your seats

WHEN:  July 10 – August 4, 2013

Preview: July 10 at 8 p.m.

Opening: July 11, 8 PM

Press Performance: Saturday, July 13 at 8 pm

Thursdays – Saturdays, 8 PM

Sundays, 2 PM

Ambassador Theater invites you on a very special spiritual journey to achieve perfection.  Is it even possible? Is there a place on earth where our problems can disappear? A place where money is of no value? A place where we can truly be ourselves?  These questions are asked by the characters of “The Third Breast”, who attempt to escape from everyday life in search of true identity. The play written in 1975 by one of Poland’s ‘angry young men,’ Ireneusz IredyÅ„ski (1939-1985), explores such themes as addiction to power; fear of the other; the search for an absolute; love and erotic fascination; the consequences of blind faith.

Iredyński’s fame stemmed from his non-conformist streak, and his anti-communist views soon found their way into his writing.  He would later say that his literary characters were a projection of his imagination, dreams, anxieties, knowledge, viewpoint and subconscious.





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