Jul 182013

In Ambassador Theater’s The Third Breast you are transported from an idyllic commune into a militaristic cult. The harrowing journey is the hallmark of thought-provoking theater….

The cast of 'The Third Breast.' Photo by Magda Pinkowska.

The cast of ‘The Third Breast’: Sissel Bakken, Matthew Ingraham, and Christopher Henley. Photo by Magda Pinkowska.

….The total-immersion experience starts when you walk into the theater…

…The actors who take you on this inexorable journey are top-notch. They are Sissel Bakken (Eva), the spiritual leader; Christopher Henley (Thomas), the commune founder, and Matthew Ingraham (George), a relative newcomer….

…Depending on your interpretation of the play, you’ll want to join too….

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