Nov 272013

Two friends sit in a study, sipping brandy. Both are intellectuals; one is a dissident, while the other has become a collaborator. Summarizing the state of television, one of the men laments, “Nothing but sterility and intrigues.” It’s a fitting description for this production of Protest, as Ambassador Theater presents an intellectually intriguing – if not emotionally satisfying – take on a modern classic. Protest is the final event of the 2013 Mutual Inspirations Festival, celebrating the life and work of artist-dissident Václav Havel, and the final play in “Havel’s Trilogy.” Featuring Havel’s most lasting contribution to the theater, the partly autobiographical character of Ferdinand VanÄ›k became a national symbol. InProtest, Vanek (Michael Crowley) goes to visit his old friend Stanek (Ivan Zizek) – don’t worry, the similiarity in name is intentional. Where Vanek was recently jailed by the authorities for his political views, former comrade Stanek has reached an accord with the government and found himself a comfortable position writing for television. The two men mirror each other, each viewing the other as an object lesson in might-have-beens. Stanek wants Vanek’s help with a tricky political situation, hoping that his politically active friend will be willing to take all the risks….To Read More


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