Oct 312014

Rich Massabny
“Arlington Weekly News TV”
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In the last two weeks, I’ve seen two of the finest two-person plays in a long time.
This one is the Ambassador Theater’s (D.C.), “Rage” by Canadian playwright Michele
Riml, winner of the 2005 Sydney Risk prize for Outstanding Original Play. “Rage” is a
hold-your-breath drama between a gun-toting high school student and a pacifist female
school counselor. With no intermission, this ready to die or kill student, Raymond “Rage”
Stitt (Marlowe Vilchez) and counselor Laura Whalen (Ariana Amajan) are locked in a
showdown in the counselor’s basement office. The acting between these two is so real,
especially in light of recent school shootings. Directed by well-known Helen Hayes
Award winner Joe Banno and produced by Ambassador artistic director and founder
Hanna Bondarewska. Do Not Miss This One!! “Rage” runs Wednesdays through
Sundays through November 16 at the Mead Theater Lab at Flashpoint, 916 G St. NW. For
more information and tickets, call 703-475-4036 or check the website at www.aticc.org.

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