Feb 072011

“… a truly unique night of theater…” – Ben Demers (dctheatrescene.com)

With Under the Shadow of Wings, Ambassador Theater has staged a double bill of dramatic visions so vivid and absorbing they feel almost like lucid dreams. …. a truly unique night of theater … Bondarewska’s gutsy performance and the arresting sights and sounds accompanying the action carry the day.

I, for one, had to collect my bearings after experiencing the dizzying blend of traditional morality play, esoteric performance art, and delirious monologue.

In a landscape of familiar dramatic tropes, it’s refreshing to be occasionally thrown for a loop.  www.dctheatrescene.com/

“Exciting…perfect performances… This is a highly recommended evening of theater” – Bob Anthony (allartsreview4u.com)

Ambassador Theater continues its mandate to present foreign plays and with “Under the Shadow of Wings” there is almost no obvious weakness in the playing and technicals. “Karna and Kunti” by Indian poet/playwright,Rabindranath Tagore, is strongly symbolic with godlike references as it is taken from the Indian epic, “The Mahabarata”, which in this playlet tells of a rejecting mother trying to come to terms with her son who is facing death at the hands of his brother. Gavin Whitt with his cat-like movements and Meera Narasimhan with her wonderful hand gestures give intriguing performances in staccato fashion expected of Indian portrayals. “Death of Tintagiles” tells the tale of two sisters who attempt to defeat the fates who are classically determined to capture their young brother…amazingly performed by young, relaxed Michael Ryjik. Hanna Bondawerska dominates the playing with superb Grecian-like style as she rants and raves particularly during the tragic ending. Others in this playlet are Paula Rich, Rob Weinzimer and the three servants (of fate), Mary Suib, Gavin Whitt and Meera Narasimhan. The technicals are most exciting and top rate in the hands of David Crandall (music, sound and visual design), Marianne Meadows (lights), Andrzej Pinkowski (set) and Caridel Cruz (costumes). Fine credit is given to David Willinger and Daniel Gerould who translated these stories by Tagore and Maeterlinck and especially to Mr. Willinger who managed to get perfect performances from his cast. This is a highly recommended evening of theater from the “new kid around the theatrical block”. (Reviewed by Bob Anthony) http://allartsreview4u.com/

“With interesting visual and sound effects, and sincere acting, Under the Shadow of Wings is an opportunity to experience an early symbolist play and a portion of the Sanskrit epic The Mahabarata.” – Laura & Mike Clark  (showbizradio.net)